XL plants for >50 PE

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XL plants for PE bigger than 50 PE, decentralized wastewater treatment for municipal, commercial or industrial sectors. Alongside small wastewater treatment plants (<50 PE) Reinhardt GmbH also offers decentralized solutions for communes and other establishments.

Several options are available, non-technical plants (sedimentation ponds or constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment) as a small wastewater treatment (<500 PE) or technical plants (SBR plant or a mobile container solutions as a fluidized bed process) for up to 5.000 PE. Several different materials qualify for the use as a tank – steel, concrete or PE-HD.

Technical and non-technical plants

  • sedimentation ponds
  • constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment
  • wastewater treatment in a container
  • SBR

Decentralized and municipal solutions

  • small wastewater treatment plants
  • concrete, steel or PE-HD