Grease Traps

Wastewater from hotels, restaurants, canteens and snack bars contains grease and foot residuals. If untreated, it will lead to deposits and corrosive damage caused due to decay and fermentation process. Prior the discharge of wastewater into the sewer or a wastewater treatment plant, it has to be pre-treated through a grease trap. Klärtechnik Reinhardt GmbH offers cost-saving specially designed tanks made of plastic, with integrated grease traps, which perform wastewater pretreatment in a carefree and reliably.

Oil-water and parallel plate separators

Fuel stations, auto repair shops and car wash need a special treatment of the produced waste water, as it contains liquids like oil and gasoline which can contaminate the ground water. Similar to grease traps, oil-water separators are used successfully in this occasion.