Klärtechnik der Reinhard GmbH

Welcome to the clarification technology of the Reinhardt GmbH. We offer solutions for the clarification technology. Everything from a single source with first-class service.



Reinhardt GmbH, specializes in small and very small WWTP appropriate for a house of 4 persons up to communities with 6.000 Inhabitants. Our systems, under the name KLÄRMAX, are pre-assembled, they are easy to install and maintain, while in the same time achieve high treatment performance (up to 99% BOD5, TSS NH4 removal).


Grease Traps and separators

Wastewater from hotels, restaurants, canteens and snack bars contains grease and foot residuals. If untreated, it will lead to deposits and corrosive damage caused due to decay and fermentation process.

Prior the discharge of wastewater into the sewer or a wastewater treatment plant, it has to be pre-treated through a grease trap.

Klärtechnik Reinhardt GmbH offers cost-saving specially designed tanks made of plastic, with integrated grease traps, which perform wastewater pretreatment in a carefree and reliably.


Quality pumping stations

If you are using a washing machine, bathroom or sink in the cellar, you know the problem: the wastewater can be hardly channeled away, as the level of backed-up water is higher than the level of the sewer. In this case a pumping station or lifting system, which will pump the waste water into the sewer, becomes extremely handy.

We offer reliable, safe and durable pumping stations, made of plastic or concrete. They can easily be placed into earth, are easy to maintain, cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly in operation.